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  • ››   Principal: Glenn MacCullough, AIA

    Founding Principal Glenn MacCullough, AIA, is a graduate of the UVA School of Architecture and of the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He founded MacCullough Architects in 1988, and has been a leader in the DC area architectural community for over 25 years. He has served as Lecturer and Adjunct Professor of Architecture at Catholic University and at the University of Maryland.


    With over twenty years of experience working with such well-known firms as David M. Schwarz Architects, Inc., Arthur Cotton Moore and Associates, and Bowie•Gridley Architects, Mr. MacCullough has gained great knowledge of both the design process and the management of architecture firms. His experience has ranged from small residential projects to $500,000,000 major league baseball parks. This breadth of experience gives Mr. MacCullough exceptional insight into the varied and complex aspects of today's architectural practice, and into each and every project his firm designs.

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