Residential Projects



MacCullough Architects, P. C.

Based in Arlington, Virginia, MacCullough Architects specializes in design for residential, commercial, and small institutional projects. Our design services involve considerable client interaction in order to tailor the projects to the needs of the users.


Our philosophy is to find an aesthetic response to the programmatic and lifestyle desires of the client, using the existing context of the house and neighborhood as a guide, but also using the rich history of traditional American residential building types as a starting resource.  That is not to say we design to a particular style, but we use traditional types to help us identify unique solutions to the problems at hand.  MacCullough Architects is skilled at both the preliminary design and the fine detail of projects, and is committed to providing the most appropriate design with the highest level of technical competency for every project, whether the project is modern or traditional in character or somewhere between.

Commerical Projects



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